Advanced Technology


The Envirostars program was created by the King County Hazardous Waste Management Program to give small businesses recognition for reducing hazardous materials and waste. Our office has received a 5 star rating, the highest possible rating, and we are the only Envirostars certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgery office in the Seattle-King County area as of 2018.

We have worked to minimize the use of chemicals and production of wastes in our surgical practice and are constantly striving to minimize the use of paper. This has improved the work environment for our staff as well as improved the care we are able to offer our patients, while minimizing our impact on the environment.


Dr. Lin enjoys researching new technology and applying it to his surgical practice. He has been on the forefront of digital applications to oral and maxillofacial surgery including the use of software to plan surgical procedures, digital x-rays, digital photos and videos for communication.  He currently uses CAD/CAM technologies, 3-D printing and intraoral scanning to collaborate with fellow dentists, physicians, and dental laboratories.

Surgical Lasers

When appropriate, Dr. Lin has an in-office surgical laser which can be used for various soft tissue procedures. The laser can allow for improved surgical precision, the potential to decrease post-operative pain and allow faster healing, and the ability to complete surgeries without stitches.

Fully Digital X-ray/Imaging Techniques and Processing

Dr. Lin‘s office adopted fully digital x-ray techniques (producing x-rays without the use of chemicals and/or film) in 2002, long before this technique became commonplace. His office was one of the first in the area to have a fully digital panoramic x-ray machine. Digital x-rays also decrease the amount of radiation to the patient when compared to conventional film based techniques, do not fade over time, exact copies can be made for patient/dentist consultations, and can be digitally manipulated should they be too dark or too light.

We accept and encourage other offices to send their x-rays and correspondence digitally, minimizing waste, improving efficiency, and ultimately patient care.

Digital Cone Beam CT Scanner

We also have a state of the art digital cone beam CT scanner, which is a digital x-ray system which provides detailed three dimensional images of your jaw and associated structures in preparation for surgery.  If indicated, you can obtain this imaging at our office rather than being referred to an imaging center, which would require an additional visit and more time out of your day.

Digital Intraoral Scanner

Our office utilizes a state of the art intraoral digital scanner which provides detailed three dimensional images of your teeth and associated structures to allow 3D CADCAM surgical planning for implant placement and tooth replacement.  This takes the place of traditional dental impressions which can be time consuming, messy and uncomfortable.  Combining our CT scanner and intraoral scanner can provide a precise digital planning and surgical result for your case.

Paperless Office Goal

Our office has been on the forefront in creating an entirely digital and paperless office. Over the last 8 years we have been able to eliminate 90% of the paper used in our daily patient charts and administrative duties. With computerized records, digitally signed documents, electronic correspondence, digital faxes, these and many other techniques help to minimize our use of paper, but more importantly to improve the access, speed, and archivability of patient records. Though it will likely be impossible to totally eliminate the use of paper in our office, our goal is to constantly strive to find ways to minimize its use.