Dental Implants

Are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These posts act as tooth root substitutes. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Another post is then secured to the implant, to which the replacement teeth are attached. Implants help preserve facial structure, preventing the bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing, and can help stabilize loose dentures.

Dr. Lin uses only the finest available implants, from world class manufacturers who have had a long history in the industry and produce the highest quality products. A person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved. Patients with dental implants can smile with confidence.

For most patients, the placement of dental implants involves two surgical procedures. First, implants are placed within your jawbone. For the next 2 to 4 months following surgery, the implants are beneath the surface of the gums gradually bonding with the jawbone. This bonding process is called osseointegration. If desired, you may be able to have a replacement tooth while the implant and bone are bonding.

In selected cases, Dr. Lin is able to place an implant at the same time as a tooth is removed and attach a temporary tooth to the implant.

Implants are a team effort between an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a restorative dentist. While Dr. Lin performs the actual implant placement, your dentist make the permanent crown or denture. Your dentist will also make any replacement teeth that may be needed during the implant healing process. Dr. Lin has placed thousands of implants and has the unique experience of also restoring implants during his five years of practice as a general dentist. His experience in making crowns for implants helps him to place the implants more accurately. If you do not have a restorative dentist, Dr. Lin can refer you to one will provide you with quality care.

If you are considering implants, your mouth must be examined thoroughly and your medical and dental history reviewed. If your mouth is not ideal for implants, bone or gum grafting, may be recommended. Depending upon the complexity of the case and the patient’s choice, dental implants and bone grafting can be performed in the office under local anesthesia or with intravenous sedation/general anesthesia.

Teeth in an hour refers to the concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure that lasts about an hour. This technology requires collaboration between both the restorative doctor and the surgeon. The process starts when a CT scan is taken of the patient’s jawbone. These x-rays allow for the generation of a three-dimensional model of the jawbone that can then be used with specialized software to plan the implant placements virtually. Using these x-rays scans and software, the final position of the implants are predetermined and the final teeth are made prior to surgery.

At the time of surgery, the implants are placed as planned with the software and the functioning teeth are inserted, all in one appointment. This benefits the patient in that there is generally less postoperative discomfort, swelling, and healing time, more precise implant placement, less surgical time for the patient, and most importantly the teeth and implants are available on the same day. Patients can often resume their normal activities after a few days.

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